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18 Wheeler Instructions

While not your average parking game, the controls of 18 Wheeler Challenge is very similar to other parking games you will find on the internet. For almost everything, you just need to use your computer's keyboard... most specifically, the arrow keys. Well, yeah you do need a couple of mouse clicks to get the game started, to consult the in game instructions, to tone down the volume in case the in game music is NOT to your liking, and so on, BUT I don't think that counts. Anyway, for basic movement, you need the arrow keys. For forward movement, just press the up arrow key and hold down to it to accelerate. Use the left and right arrow keys for steering. And last BUT not the least, press the down directional keys to go reverse. Should you need to brake, just press the space bar and you are good to go. Now that we are done with that part, let's get on to the game...

18 Wheeler Walkthrough

18 Wheeler Challenge - alright, fellas, let's NOT beat around the bush. This game is NOT your average driving and parking game. Nah, far from it. You may be used to playing parking games where you need to get a taxi, Chevy, or any four wheeled vehicle to the safe and correct parking area. Heck! The hell with that! In this game, you will be driving and parking an 18 wheeler truck (hence, the unsurprising name: 18 Wheeler Challenge). Here, you are a chap who just got into Texas and you need to earn your license for driving 18 wheeler trucks.

So how are you going to get that precious and not so average driver's license? Here's how: there are a set of challenges and driving as well as parking lessons. You need to pass each of these lessons to get your 'prize' and earn a score. By the way, the driving and parking challenges in this game are ALL timed! Heck, during my first try, I was right there at the correct spot and I was just trying to fit the truck in the correct parking space... making sure that the body is correctly aligned with it. Then all of a sudden, BAM! It's game over. I was like: "I'm sure I didn't hit something!" I was left scratching my head until I saw that the time was up. Yeah, folks precision and careful driving counts a lot in this game... BUT that's of no use if you can't park the 18 wheeler truck within the said time period.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of if you want to get far in this game. First and foremost, this belongs to the category of parking games where a single nudge or bump into anything (roadside, another vehicle, a tree, etc.) would send your 18 wheeler truck crashing and burning. Yeah, one slight misstep and the game is over. No, you won't start on the level you left off... you would have to start at the very beginning of the game! I find this a little annoying as my hard earned efforts and score would be ruined with a single error.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that, in playing this game, it really feels like I'm driving an 18 wheeler truck! You have to go heavy on the arrow keys (and they are still NOT as responsive as you want them to be), you always have to exert that extra effort and extra sweat to make sure the truck goes in the right direction... something that real life drivers of 18 wheelers would agree to. While some may find it annoying, I find it nice that the experience tries to mimic the 'feel' that driving massive vehicles have. It's also a refreshing break from driving and parking games where the cars are the exact opposite - they are ultra responsive... OVERLY responsive I should say. Yes, to the point that a single tap on the up directional key would send them blazing forward. Summing things up, this is a parking game that I would recommend. Just don't get frustrated when you run into the roadside and your scores are all wasted!