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18 Wheeler 2 Instructions

The controls of 18 Wheeler Challenge 2 is pretty average... pretty standard. Nothing out of the ordinary. For almost everything, you need to use your keyboard to work through the game. The arrow keys, especially, is for basic movement - use up to move forward and accelerate, the left and right arrow keys are for steering accordingly, and to slow down and go reverse, press the down directional key. To put your massive 18 wheeler to a halt and brake, hit the space bar. For skipping those in game notes and instructions, just hit the space bar as well.

18 Wheeler 2 Walkthrough

If you loved the previous and first installment of 18 Wheeler Challenge, if you are a HUGE fan of parking games BUT wants something that's harder and larger, then this treat... this game right here is yours for the taking! Yup, it's time for some parking action once again with that 18 wheeler truck with the 18 Wheeler Challenge 2. This time around, after earning your truck driver's license in the previous installment, you are now a full pledged 18 wheeler truck driver... doing errands and facing tasks and challenges that are way harder than the first game. Makes sense, after all, you are in the REAL world, NOT in the driver's school's training grounds.

As far as graphics and 'feel' goes, nothing much has changed with 18 Wheeler Challenge 2. The design of the truck, the colors, etc. - they are quite identical with the first installment's, which is good enough in my opinion. As for the feel, well, driving the truck with your keyboard's directional keys feels quite heavy... and I like that! I mean you are NOT driving a taxi or a van... you are driving something that's way MORE massive than that - an 18 wheeler truck. It will feel like your fingers need to bore a hole on the directional keys... the 18 wheeler truck will feel sort of unresponsive, BUT I'm cool with that.

Now there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind - in this game, the parking area to go to is sometimes or rather usually on the other side of the map. It's marked with the P sign just in case you don't know. Now here's the challenge - your gasoline is limited... and that means you can't go nilly nally with driving otherwise, you will run out of fuel in the middle of the road. HOWEVER, here's some redemption (if you will) - there are gasoline rations scattered throughout the map. What you need to do is get to those gasoline rations with whatever you have, partially refill, drive again, grab another ration if needed, rinse and repeat until you reach the parking space.

Another nicety included is that this game now comes with 2 modes - (1) Story Mode and (2) Kill Mode. Story Mode, needless to say, pits you into the missions and challenges similar to the ones you faced in the first installment. There's a parking area, you need to get there and get there safely. Crash once and you fail. BUT the good thing this time around is that you don't restart the game from the very beginning BUT only restart the level. As for the second mode, I think that's quite self explanatory too - go out there and kill people! If you grew tired of the "Park your car safely" mode, switch to this one. You will love it! You are given a task - to kill and run over a certain number of people within a time frame. And this is fun! BUT be careful. Bumping into trees, fences, etc. will send your truck crashing and burning.

All in all, the creators of this parking games series did a good job of retaining familiar elements while adding something new to make the 2nd installment unique and fun to play.