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I have played many parking games before BUT out of all the parking games I have played, Parking Lot, Parking Lot 2, Parking Lot 3, and others, Airfield Mayhem has the most unique control scheme...and perhaps the easiest one to handle too. Instead of using those directional keys for maneuvering and parking your vehicle (in this case, airplanes, cargo planes, choppers, etc.) you will use your mouse, the left click button, and of course, steady hands. Let's take a closer look at this not so ordinary parking game...

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If you have played different parking games before like Parking Lot, Parking Lot 2 and 3, Super Parking World series, etc., I'm sure you will agree that most of the time you will be parking cars. BUT hey! Nobody said parking games can't be air borne. The latest proof (latest since this is my first time seeing one) is Airfield Mayhem. As the name suggests, instead of parking and maneuvering 4 wheeled ground vehicles, you will deal with passenger planes, cargo planes, helicopters, and everything else in between.

YES, you need to deal with all comers not just one! The idea and premise of the game is also unique: there are air crafts that will appear in your screen after you have started the game. Where they are coming from is indicated by an exclamation mark by the way. What you need to do is guide these airplanes to the landing area... SAFELY by creating a path that they will follow.

This is a refreshing change from the usual premises of parking games. For those of you who find the objective of maneuvering a car to the correct parking space in the lot, this is one of those parking games you definitely don't want to miss.

How on earth are you going to create that path? Simple! Click on the plane, hold on the left click button and drag. The broken line you will see will serve as the path for your air plane to go through. Here's a word of warning: there are no lives or health bars in this game. Once two air crafts collide, that's it. Game over and you have to start from square one. Another thing to note is that there are 3 to 4 air planes coming up at the same time. You better be fast if you want to score high and think quick too.

Make a quick mental note of which air craft will go through which path and who comes first. Your score is measured by how many air crafts have landed successfully. Always be aware of the up and coming air crafts on the screen, which is indicated by an exclamation mark. Mix these together and you will get far in one of the most unique parking games around - Airfield Mayhem.

Parking games don't have to be always about cars. After all, planes, helicopters, cargo ships, and everything else all need to be parked, too. And if parking just one vehicle on the right spot is a piece of cake for the veteran gamer like you are, Airfield Mayhem will surely give you the challenge you are looking for. Have fun!