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Big Rig: Driving School Instructions

Drive, brake, and steer your Big Rig with the arrow keys - carefully make your way through the designated path in each level - any damage taken will be subtracted from your final score, and the less time you take the better. As the levels go on, more obstacles will be introduced, so don't hesitate to take more time on the later levels of this parking game.

Big Rig: Driving School Walkthrough

Big Rig: Driving School is a little different than any other parking game you've ever played. Instead of parking a car, or parking anything at all for that matter, you'll be driving a semi-truck. Not only that, you'll have to maneuver it through a bunch of obstacles setup in a parking lot - the game being a trial-by-fire training school for truck drivers.

Containing only two sets of cones that you'll have to drive through, the first level is quite easy. One thing you may want to get used to, when first playing, is how to handle your big rig - the game is oddly realistic in this area, and making simple turns can be more than an inconvenience; the trailer attached to your truck will go in the opposite direction you're turning, so a simple task like driving through a set of cones can be unnecessarily difficult.

Progressing through the game is easy at the beginning, with the first levels being particularly easy, but they'll eventually become very difficult - as if driving a semi-truck wasn't hard enough already. Having a lot of patience while playing through a level is probably the best strategy to go with - but remember that your score depends on speed as well.

Overall, Big Rig: Driving School is a fun parking game with many unique aspects. It's difficult, but reasonably difficult, so you won't get unnecessarily frustrated like you would with other driving and parking games. If you can make it through the first levels, you can make it to the last levels - just remember to drive your big rig carefully.