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Carrier Truck Instructions

Carrier Truck is controlled by using the keyboard, but requires the mouse in some places. The up and down arrow keys drive forward and backwards. The left and right arrow keys are used to tilt your truck. The spacebar connects and disconnects cargo. The P key pauses the game.

Carrier Truck Walkthrough

Carrier Truck is a parking game that puts you in the wheel of a cargo truck. This truck game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and six levels.

The objective of Carrier Truck is to transport cargo on each level by hauling the cargo and parking it in its proper position. If too much cargo is lost or if your load is disconnected from your truck for too long, you will lose and have to retry the level from its beginning. You must also avoid crashing your truck, or you will be forced to restart the level from its beginning. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each level in this parking game, so you can continue your progress at a later time if you cannot complete the game in one sitting.

Carrier Truck uses a keyboard control scheme similar to that of other truck games. The up and down arrow keys drive forward and backward respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to tilt and balance your truck. The spacebar is used to connect and disconnect cargo trolleys. The spacebar doesn't automatically connect or disconnect cargo, but actually lifts the trolley so that is may be hooked to the small red square in the back of your truck. When lifting cargo, be sure not to lift it too much or you will spill the cargo and fail the level!

It may be tempting to speed through each level of this parking game, but doing so puts you at a greater risk of crashing or spilling your cargo. Instead, it is better to employ a slow, steady pace. Make gradual movements and make sure to tilt your truck in order to keep both wheels squarely on the ground. When you have cargo attached to your truck you must be extra careful; taking too many bumps at high speeds can jolt the cargo out of its container!

Carrier Truck is a great truck game, but at times it seems that your truck can defy gravity, which makes the game quite difficult at times. If you can get past this difficulty, and if you are a fan of truck games or parking games, then you will enjoy Carrier Truck!