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Play Parking Master

#1: Parking Master


Parking Master is a challenging parking game that's probably different than others you may have played. Instead of just parking one car, in one spot, per level, you'll be parking up to four or five vehicles in each level. On...

Number of plays: 332,756

Play Driver's Ed GT

#2: Driver's Ed GT


Driver's Ed GT is one of those parking games more experienced fans of the genre will absolutely love but newcomers to the genre will be frustrated with from the very start. Newcomers need not fear though. While you will almost...

Number of plays: 80,673

Play Driving School GT

#3: Driving School GT


While not a parking game per se (as I have mentioned earlier), this game - Driving School GT, is something that driving and parking game fans should have a closer look at. The design is nice enough to make it...

Number of plays: 52,751

Play Driver's Ed Game

#4: Driver's Ed Game


Driver's Ed Game is a surprisingly addictive little parking game considering it's relatively simple premise. Basically, you're taking your driver's ed exam and in order to pass, you'll need to complete four different common driving maneuvers. To complete the maneuvers,...

Number of plays: 47,937

Play Taxi Driving School

#5: Taxi Driving School


In the addictive parking game, Taxi Driving School, you play the role of Abu; the last branch on your family tree and it is up to you to ensure your family's hard earned legacy lives on. That legacy? Legendary taxi...

Number of plays: 36,858

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