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Play Truck parking

#1: Truck parking


Although it may seem a lot easier than you think, Truck Parking is a parking game that's much more difficult than the rest. Instead of trying to park a car, that can actually move fast, in this game you'll be...

Number of plays: 219,255

Play Big Rig: Driving School

#2: Big Rig: Driving School


Big Rig: Driving School is a little different than any other parking game you've ever played. Instead of parking a car, or parking anything at all for that matter, you'll be driving a semi-truck. Not only that, you'll have to...

Number of plays: 191,107

Play Trailer Parking Deluxe

#3: Trailer Parking Deluxe


As if regular parking games weren't hard enough, Trailer Parking Deluxe moves the difficulty up a notch by attaching a trailer to the back of your vehicle. With it, you'll find not only parking more difficult, but turning as well....

Number of plays: 69,637

Play Park My Big Rig 2

#4: Park My Big Rig 2


Park My Big Rig 2 is a sequel - but it's a warranted sequel. The first game in the series was a fairly decent parking game, but it had its flaws - and they've all improved upon with this release. Like...

Number of plays: 68,906

Play Forklift Frenzy

#5: Forklift Frenzy


Forklift Frenzy is probably the first flash game of its kind - because chances are that you haven't driven a forklift in real-life or while playing a videogame. But, unlike driving a forklift in real-life, Forklift Frenzy is a parking...

Number of plays: 68,254

Play Big Rig Truck Stop Parking

#6: Big Rig Truck Stop Parking


OK, here's the story in Big Rig Truck Stop Parking: you are the owner of the only truck stop in existence... and this truck stop offers valet parking. Sounds good? At first sight yeah, it sure does. HOWEVER, a closer...

Number of plays: 57,006

Play 18 Wheeler

#7: 18 Wheeler


18 Wheeler Challenge - alright, fellas, let's NOT beat around the bush. This game is NOT your average driving and parking game. Nah, far from it. You may be used to playing parking games where you need to get a...

Number of plays: 49,232

Play Caravan Parking

#8: Caravan Parking


Caravan - according to the web dictionary of Google, it's a vehicle for living in. It is usually towed by a car and it's one of the vacationer's best friends. Just in case you are having a hard time wondering...

Number of plays: 48,032

Play 18 Wheeler 2

#9: 18 Wheeler 2


If you loved the previous and first installment of 18 Wheeler Challenge, if you are a HUGE fan of parking games BUT wants something that's harder and larger, then this treat... this game right here is yours for the taking!...

Number of plays: 31,654

Play Park My Truck

#10: Park My Truck


Park My Truck is a parking game that puts you in control of a monster truck. Park My Truck features top-down graphics, a rocking soundtrack, easy-to-learn keyboard controls, and challenging gameplay. The objective of Park My Truck is, as the name...

Number of plays: 21,911

Play Carrier Truck

#11: Carrier Truck


Carrier Truck is a parking game that puts you in the wheel of a cargo truck. This truck game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and six levels. The objective of Carrier Truck is to transport cargo on each level by hauling...

Number of plays: 21,814

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