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Classic Car Parking Instructions

Classic Car Parking is controlled by using the keyboard. Drive forward and backward by using the up and down arrow keys respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your car.

Classic Car Parking Walkthrough

Classic Car Parking is a parking game that puts your behind the wheel of one of seven classic cars, ranging from 1920s roadsters to 1980s muscle cars. Classic Car Parking features beautiful graphics, a jazzy soundtrack, and seven levels.

The objective of Classic Car Parking is to park your car in the back of the truck on each level. The first level is straightforward and teaches you the basics of the game. Subsequent levels of this parking game are more challenging. Each vehicle has its own level of damage that it can take. If too much damage is taken, you will be forced to restart the level. With only seven levels, Classic Car Parking is a brief game. Your progress is saved, however, so you can continue from where you left off if you cannot finish in one sitting.

Classic Car Parking uses the keyboard as its control device. The left and right arrow keys steer your car while the up and down arrow keys drive forward and backward respectively. Fined-tuned movements are the key to success in this parking game. You do not speed in real parking lots (at least I hope not), and you don't want to speed in the parking lots in this game unless you want to crash. It may be tempting to try to increase your score by quickly completing each level, but you can earn more points by minimizing the damage that you take.

Classic Car Parking features seven cars that you can use. You can use any car of your choice to complete each level, but some cars fare better than others. Small cars, such as the Buggy Sprinter, are easier to navigate parking lots with. Some cars lack headlights making them difficult (but not impossible) to use in levels that take place at night. Finally, each car has its own level of integrity. Cars in better condition can take more dents before being totaled. If you have completed this parking game once, try playing it again using different vehicles.

Classic Car Parking is a short parking game that is great for passing the time on breaks. Remember that if you still cannot complete the game in one sitting or if you want to replay levels using different vehicles, your progress is automatically saved!