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Docking Perfection 2 - The Ferryman Instructions

Guide your boat from dock to dock in this aquatic parking game - use the arrow keys to steer, move forward, brake, and move in reverse. Depending on what level you're playing, you'll have sixty seconds to move a set amount of guests to and from certain docks. Your boat can take a certain amount of damage, but it's still not much - try to accommodate every guest in this challenging flash game.

Docking Perfection 2 - The Ferryman Walkthrough

Like the previous game, this sequel is a parking game, except for one main difference - it's on water. Instead of trying to park in parking lot, like most games, you'll be driving a boat, and loading and delivering guests while doing so. And although it seems like it'd be difficult, Docking Perfection 2 is a lot easier than its prequel, for many reasons.

In Docking Perfection, the object of the game was to park your boat without hitting any obstacles below a certain time. This time, however, each level consists of a few docks. Once the level starts, guests will show up on these docks, and it's your job to get them from one to another. You'll complete each level in sixty seconds or less, though, but this time your boat can take five hits before going under.

And although Docking Perfection 2 is much easier than the first parking game, it's still relatively difficult if you're not used to the controls. Once you do get the hang of them, there's still plenty to look out for - obstacles will eventually get in your way, you'll have to deal with water currents, and you'll have to carry more guests with every round.

If you can deal with all of these factors you'll be fine - and once you've completed the game, you'll get a total score for all four levels. If you think you can do better, then go ahead and play through each level again - and try to beat your personal best - or, if you can't, at least make sure that you're not sinking your boat when passengers are on board.