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Driver's Ed GT Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Brake using the down arrow key.

Driver's Ed GT Walkthrough

Driver's Ed GT is one of those parking games more experienced fans of the genre will absolutely love but newcomers to the genre will be frustrated with from the very start. Newcomers need not fear though. While you will almost certainly get frustrated many times throughout the first few levels to the point that you want to close the game and never open it again, if you stick with it you will improve. You'll not only learn how to do better in this game but better in parking games in general allowing you to take what you learn with this one and then apply it to just about any other parking game online. That's the beauty of this game. While it's fairly difficult, it is, at it's core a pretty basic parking game. Your goals are pretty straightforward even if actually achieving those goals takes a little skill and a lot of patience.

There are a few things about Driver's Ed GT that make it so difficult. First of all, you need to be extremely accurate and attentive when you're trying to accomplish your tasks. There are often little things you need to watch out for that will be easily missed if you rush. You need to obey the rules of the road which means watching for red lights and making sure your car stays on the correct side of the road. If you cross the center line with so much as a headlight unless you're in an area where crossing the center line is allowed, you'll fail. To make things tougher, you have a time limit you also need to be aware of. Your line is shown at the top left side of the game screen. As the time counts down, you'll likely be tempted to rush. Rushing will only cause you problems. Each and every stage in this game can be completed in the time allowed. Don't sacrifice caution for speed or you'll wind up making mistakes and in this particular parking game, mistakes will cost you dearly.

Because the challenges and the time limit aren't enough to make this parking game near impossible to beat, Driver's Ed GT adds a limit on the number of tries you have to get through the game to five. There are fifteen challenges in total so you need to limit the mistakes as much as possible. There are very few players that will be able to make it through the entire game with all five tries remaining but it is possible. If you want to be one of them you need to really focus on the balance between speed and caution. Don't waste time on little mistakes that take far too long to correct. Figure out what position you need to be in and make sure you're in that position. The angle of your tires determines the arc of your turn so make sure you focus on that. Watch the timer and make sure you're aware of how much time you have to complete the level. Try to estimate how much time you'll need. This gives you the chance to allow a little extra time for caution and mistake correction should you need it.

Planning is the key to success in Driver's Ed GT. Look at the obstacles in your way and figure out what you need to do to get around them and look for any extra things (specifically traffic lights) that you need to watch out for before you even begin driving. It only takes a moment or two and it will allow you to focus on getting the task done quickly once you start driving. Identify the trouble spots before you start driving and allow yourself a little extra time to navigate around them. This isn't an impossible parking game. It can be beat. It will just take practice, patience and a solid game plan going into the start of each new level. As you progress, things get more difficult. Getting into the habit of mapping out your route before you even move forward will help you with those difficult challenges later on.

Overall, Driver's Ed GT is a parking game fan's dream. It's hard. It's intense and it's a whole lot of fun. At its core though, this is really little more than a basic parking game with the level of challenge kicked up a bit higher. If you're good at parking games you're going to have a lot less trouble with this one than someone who doesn't have those skills developed. Even newcomers will get the hang of it though. It will just take a little more time. If you consider yourself a skilled parking game player, give this one a try and put those skills to the test. This is a game for real fans of online parking games so if you consider yourself a part of that group, you absolutely need to take this one for a test drive. You won't regret it.