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Driving School GT Instructions

Driving School GT - alright, this is not strictly a parking game... it's more of a driving game with some parking missions sprinkled somewhere. HOWEVER, the controls of this game is pretty much the same with most driving and parking games found in the internet. After selecting your car on the first level using your mouse, you will use your keyboard for the most part. The arrow keys are very much needed for your car's basic movement (by the way, the down directional key serves as the brake and reverse button). There are a couple of buttons you will see in your screen. Pressing that one which looks like a speaker turns the sound on and off. The one with a musical note toggles the game's music. Should you need to pause the game, press the button with something like a number 8 on it (?... well I'm not too sure. That's how it looks like to me). OK, so much for the controls. Let's check out the game...

Driving School GT Walkthrough

While not a parking game per se (as I have mentioned earlier), this game - Driving School GT, is something that driving and parking game fans should have a closer look at. The design is nice enough to make it pleasant on the eyes and the game itself is pretty fast paced compared to those 'pure' parking games where, usually, precision, patience, and cautiousness take a premium over speed. I don't know about you BUT, in my book, that's a good way to take away boredom.

Anyway, back to the game itself. While it doesn't present a lot of replay value (which is the setback with most parking and driving games), it will surely keep you busy for quite some time. After all, it has 15 timed levels. The objective is straightforward and easy to understand: upon starting a level, you will find a blue colored X mark somewhere. Your goal is to drive your car all the way to that spot without bumping into anything. And to make the game even more challenging, there's a time limit. While you won't see an actual timer, you will find your health bar in blue at the upper left part of the screen. It will slowly run out until you reach the said spot. If you fail to reach the X mark before the blue health bar runs out, then you're back to square one and you have to start the level again.

Good thing, though, this isn't one of those parking games where one slight misstep ruins your efforts and GAME OVER flashes on the screen. Nah, you have 5 lives to begin with. HOWEVER, if you are careless in your driving, if you find yourself bumping into badly parked cars, people, or whatever it is on the road, the 5 lives or trials you have will run out pretty quickly.

After playing the game for quite some time, I came to the conclusion that this game isn't made for newbies. You see, the challenges here are very tricky. They are the sort that would pop out at the last minute just when you are about to reach your goal. It takes very fast reflexes and reaction time to avoid crashing into something just seconds within impact. Unfortunately, that's a skill that most newbie players of parking and driving games don't have. For example, in one of the initial stages, the X mark is just right across the screen and all you have to do is drive to it. There are no obstacles long the way. HOWEVER, just moments before you reach it, a speeding car will appear opposite your direction and it's easy to find yourself crashing against it before you can even say: "I love parking games!". Think you can handle that? Well, why don't you find out? Play Driving School GT NOW!