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Easy Cruise Instructions

While this is not one of your average parking games, the controls of Easy Cruise is very straightforward and easy to pick up... especially if you have played parking games before. Just like games from the same genre, you need to use your computer's keyboard and especially the directional keys for basic movement: use the up arrow keys for moving forward and accelerating. Steer to the left and right respectively with the left and right directional keys. And to slow down and go reverse, just hit and hold down the down arrow key. For using the bow thrusters, use the A and S keys. With the controls taken care of, let's take a closer look at the game!

Easy Cruise Walkthrough

So you think parking games with taxis, motorcycles, and other smaller vehicles isn't a lot of fun? Want something that's larger... that's harder or more challenging to control? Yeah? If that's the case, Easy Cruise is a game that you should check out. So what sets Easy Cruise apart from the rest of the parking games out there? For one thing, you won't be parking taxis or motorcycles. Nah, not even 18 wheeler trucks. You will park something larger than that - a cruise ship!

The objective of the game is very straightforward... there's nothing out of the ordinary: you need to steer Easy Cruise One (that's the name of your ship) through the Caribbean Ports using the directional keys (as we have discussed in the controls section). You need to sail her carefully to the dock... 'park' her to safety to complete the level. You will find a label telling you where to dock so that shouldn't be really hard for you to find. The next level is guaranteed to be harder than the one before it: you see, the port gets busier and busier after every level... adding more boats and smaller ships to avoid. PLUS, the fact that the wind speed increases every time you take a step up makes this game far from being a piece of cake. By the way, just in case you don't know, the bow thrusters are for nudging the bow of the boat (again, just press A or S).

For every level, you are given 2 minutes to get the job done and dock the Easy Cruise One ship. Otherwise, you will see this: "Out of time! You took too long docking the harbor! The holiday makers only memories of the island will be the distant view of the sea. Click below to try again!" Restart the level and give it another shot. Fail and run out of time 3 times and it's game over for you fella. HOWEVER, while speed is of importance, keeping your ship in one piece is just as crucial. You don't want your hull to be damaged. For every turn, you are given 5 lives for your hull. A single bump takes away a life from your hull and once it drops to zero, the level is over! Again, you get 3 turns and if it runs out, GAME OVER!

Now let's take a look at the other aspects of the game: as for the visuals, it's not spectacular BUT I think it's OK... especially for an online flash game. The responsiveness of the ship is also quite realistic - it feels heavy! After all, you are driving something massive - a cruise ship. It will fee sluggish, it will feel quite unresponsive and that's the challenging part. BUT go easy on your keyboards folks, it's easy to drill down your fingers through the directional keys in playing Easy Cruise (which is far from being easy!).

Well, summing things up, while not one of the spectacular parking games out there (and there are only a handful), Easy Cruise parking game definitely does OK and it's above average. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.