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Forklift Frenzy Instructions

Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and turn your forklift. Hit the spacebar to lift and set down boxes. If you crash into a box, or drop a box on another at any time, you'll have to restart the level. With six levels total, and the allotted amount of time in each getting shorter as you go on, try and make your way through this exciting parking game.

Forklift Frenzy Walkthrough

Forklift Frenzy is probably the first flash game of its kind - because chances are that you haven't driven a forklift in real-life or while playing a videogame. But, unlike driving a forklift in real-life, Forklift Frenzy is a parking game where you have to load pallets in a set amount of time. The faster your do so, the better your score - while aiming for the fastest score in each level.

The first level of Forklift Frenzy is easy enough - the controls are solid, so you won't crash into pallets or boxes on accident. You'll be able to lift a box with the spacebar if and only if the pegs of your forklift are lined up with the notches on a box. You can't pick up a box sideways - you can only lift it once you've gone under it head-on. Depending on how well you place the box, too, well affect your score in terms of accuracy. A low accuracy will inflict time penalties, so you'll have to be just as careful setting down boxes as you are picking them up.

Overall, Forklift Frenzy is a fun, difficult parking game. Instead of trying to rush through each level, beating the clock as best you can, you'll have to take your time - and that's what makes the game interesting. Besides being completely unique, since there aren't any other forklift-driving games out there, Forklift Frenzy is a good romp for any flash gamer looking for a challenge.