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GB Violet Parking Instructions

Use the arrow keys to drive and steer your prehistoric vehicle - you'll be given a life bar, instead of losing a life on impact, but that doesn't mean you tank damage, either. Starting out with 5 lives, you'll have to park into a level, exit a level, and move on in this challenging parking game.

GB Violet Parking Walkthrough

GB Violet Parking is unlike any other parking game out there - not only does it have a story to follow, but you're given a life bar as well. These elements are just a few of other unique qualities you'll find in this parking game, that is, if you can make it past the first level.

Levels in GB Violet Parking consist of two stages - the first involves you parking in a parking lot, which is simple enough, while the second segment is you trying to back out and drive out of the parking lot. The second stage of any level is usually more difficult since there will be more cars in the parking lot - but, if you're patient, it shouldn't be that much of a challenge.

And, as said before, you'll have a life bar in GB Violet Parking. Any other parking game you'll play online will have you restart a level as soon as you crash into something, but you'll be able to bump and grind other cars a few times in GB Violet Parking. It doesn't make the game easier, but it makes the game a lot less frustrating, so you'll have more fun while playing.

If you do run out of all lives, you'll see your driver get bonked in the head by his boss - making 'Violent Parking' seem like a more reasonable title for this parking game. But, if you can make it past the first level, you'll see the difficulty increase, but still have a lot of fun along the way. Overall, it's a great, unique parking game that you won't find anywhere else, and that's refreshing - especially in the parking game genre.