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Glamour Parking Instructions

Want to park cars online? Yeah? It may not be the most exciting thing to do BUT if that works for you, then you only need your keyboard's arrow keys to get the job done: use the up button to drive forward and accelerate. As for backing up your car, the down arrow keys get the job done. And for steering to the left or right direction, just press the corresponding button. Sounds easy? Well, yeah, the control scheme is as easy and as straightforward as it could get... BUT not the game as you will see!

Glamour Parking Walkthrough

Parking games - they are almost the EXACT opposite of racing games. If speed is of utmost important in racing games, precision and careful handling counts MORE in parking games. If racing games tend to be fast paced, parking games are slower in nature. HOWEVER, that doesn't make the latter less-fun than the former. Nah, far from it... especially when you consider that you are going to park not just ordinary cars... BUT glamorous luxury 4-wheel drives!

The bad news, however, is that your boss is a total jerk who yells at you every time he talks. And to make matters worse, every guy in your department... the fellas who are supposed to help and take turns parking cars with you all called in sick. I have a strong feeling they are just having fun at a bar or club and left you out. Anyway, going back to the game, you need to park those luxury cars all on your own.

"And remember, the slightest scratch and you are fired!" fans and players of South Beach Parking, I'm sure this sounds familiar to you. Glamorous people with glamorous cars - yes, these guys have a blinking sign on their foreheads saying: "Don't mess up with us!" I don't know if your boss has major connections with other hotels and parking lots... BUT what I do know is that once you mess up your job, there's no way you are going to get hired again. There are no life bars and second chances in this game. A slight bump means GAME OVER, and you have to start all over again.

Well, to be honest, I'm with your boss on this one. After all, these are glamour and luxury vehicles. Nah, they are not the pieces or heaps of metal junk you see at your regular parking lots. These are brilliant cars that need equally brilliant parking skills. And speaking of parking skills, when you get the game started, you are taken right away to the parking lot filled with empty spaces. No, don't even think about parking the car to the nearest slot. That's not going to work out 'smarty'. When the round begins, you will see a blinking sign: "Park Here", that's where you need to take the car. Do that and take the next car, park it at the designated space, rinse and repeat the process until you finish the game.

Oh! And one more thing, this isn't one of those parking games where you can take your time. You are given only 60 seconds for every car... and trust me, that's not a lot of time especially if you are just starting out. To add up to the pressure, another car will immediately get in line to be parked. So be very careful when you are backing up... it could be game-over for you before you even enter the parking space if you are reckless.

True, this is just one of those flash-based parking games, BUT I must say that it has been done REALLY well! The dynamics are quite realistic... making the game really challenging and it will test your online driving skills really hard.

As for the music, I'd say it's cool within the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game. BUT afterwards, it gets really redundant. And, unfortunately, I can't find a mute button. If you think the sound and music sucks, just take off those headphones. As for the graphics and design, they are done quite well. I wouldn't say it's superb, BUT it's definitely above average.

This game has it all - challenging game play, funny story, nice style and design, and they do come in good amounts. The only thing that is missing from the puzzle is a valet parker who is willing to be yelled at and timed when parking luxury cars. Oh! And of course, you need to have the reflexes, fingers, and superb handling skills that a parking games enthusiast should have. So are you up to the task? Do you think you can finish parking all of the cars or will you end up getting fired within the first try? There's only one way to find out. Play Glamour Parking NOW!