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London Cabbie Instructions

Maneuver your taxi with the arrow keys - up to move forward, left and right to steer in either direction, and the down arrow key to move in reverse. Besides braking with the down arrow key, you can hit the spacebar for a hard brake that will immediately stop your cab at any time. Hit the H key to honk your horn, and when you need to, hit the CTRL key to get out of your taxi.

London Cabbie Walkthrough

Unlike other parking games, you won't just be parking in London Cabbie - you'll be picking up clients, occasionally getting out of your car, and narrowly avoiding head-on collisions. And that's just in the first level - if you think you can handle this flash game.

The first level, out of the four available, in London Cabbie is relatively simple. All you have to do is parallel park into a space in front of you, pick up the guest, and drive off. However, part of the street immediately in front of you is closed off, and when you try to drive forward, a red car will come out of nowhere and probably hit you if it's your first time playing London Cabbie.

Those are the kinds of traps and obstacles you'll have to look out for, even though they're things you wouldn't be able to expect. That's why London Cabbie takes plenty of time to beat - not only will you have to be skillful with the arrow keys and other controls, but you'll need quick reflexes and you'll have to know every level, inside and out.

If you successfully picked up the guest and drove off in the first level, then congratulations - but there are three more levels to get through, and a lot more to deal with. Unlike other parking games, London Cabbie has a lot of unexpected twists and turns - and although you may have to restart a lot because you've crashed into something, it makes the game a whole lot more exciting, and eventually enjoyable.