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Mafia Driver Instructions

Control your mafia car with the arrow keys, and use the CTRL key to hit the brakes. Press the P key to pause the game at anytime, and once you've completed all of the checkpoints in one level, move onto the next. Toggle sound and music at the main menu, but most importantly drive The Don without crashing.

Mafia Driver Walkthrough

Mafia Driver is unlike most other parking games. While other parking games focus on parking only, you'll spend most of your time worrying about your precious cargo in Mafia Driver. That's because you're a driver for the mob - and you've just accepted your first big job: driving The Don.

Each level you'll come across won't be easy to complete, however. They consist of reaching a certain number of checkpoints - and if you crash into any obstacle at all, you'll lose a life. You're given five lives at the start of the game though, so you do have some room to breathe - but if you run over any civilians, it's an instant game over.

The graphics, sound, and music in Mafia Driver are all enjoyable; they flow well with the scheme of the game. The controls, however, can be too responsive at times. The game is all about precision, and when you can accelerate pretty quickly, it only adds to the difficulty.

Overall, if you're a fan of parking games, you'll love Mafia Driver. The levels last a lot longer than most other parking games (since you'll have to park in multiple checkpoints), and the additional obstacles you can run into only add to the challenge of the game. While there are easier parking games out there, you won't feel as accomplished beating them, as you would while playing Mafia Driver. It's a tough game, but a rewarding one - if you can meet the demands of The Don, that is.