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Park A Lot 2 Instructions

Move forward using the up arrow key. Move backward using the down arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Start running using 'x'. Stop running using 'z'. Enter cars by moving over them. Exit cars using 'space'. Speed up while driving using 'x'. Slow down while driving using 'z'.

Park A Lot 2 Walkthrough

Park A Lot 2 recognizes a basic truth about online parking games. It's extremely difficult to do something that hasn't been done while still staying true to the format that makes parking games so appealing to fans. This game dares to be different and offers something new and interesting without entirely abandoning the things that make parking games so much fun. There's driving, there's parking but there's also a lot of other things going on and that is perhaps what makes this game so exciting for fans of the genre. It's different but not so different it will alienate hardcore fans. It's challenging but not overly complicated so as to not alienate newcomers to the genre. This is a parking game anyone can play and enjoy regardless of their skill or experience level with the genre.

In Park A Lot 2, your goal is pretty simple. You need to pick up cars as customers drop them off and park them in an available parking space. Once you've parked the car, you can pick up another car. When the customer is done shopping, you then must retrieve the car and drop it off for them at the exit. In each level you have a target number of cars to process. If you don't meet that target, you will not progress. A car will not be counted toward your target until your customer has driven off in it. The number of cars you have left to process until you reach the level target is shown at the bottom right of the screen. I could focus, however, on just dealing with the cars first. Worry about your target later. You do have a timer that counts down to the end of the level, but in all honesty, if you have decent driving skills, the timer should allow you more than enough time to complete your mission.

Unlike many of the other parking games online, Park A Lot 2 does not require you to park your cars in a specific spot but I would highly recommend doing so anyway. As a customer exits their car, a number will appear over their head. That number corresponds with a number on a parking spot. You aren't absolutely required to park that car in the right spot but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. Parking a car in the right spot will help you stay organized and if you want to reach your target, staying organized is important. You need to ensure you deliver the right car to the right customer. Unless you have an exceptional memory, you'll need to use the numbers to do that once you have more than one car parked. Putting the car in the matching spot is the easiest way to make sure you know what car the customer needs and are able to deliver it to them quickly.

Allowing the entrance to get blocked or allowing your customers to wait too long in the que to pick up their cars will cost you time. While you have a decent amount of time to get through the levels in Park A Lot 2, that won't be the case if you waste that time. Pick up cars quickly and deliver them as fast as you can. Those time penalties are pretty small but they build up rather quickly. Again, staying organized is a great way to improve your overall efficiency. If you can keep your cars in order, you know who needs what car in the que. If you take a car up that doesn't have a customer waiting, you're not only going to waste time, you're going to have to move that car out of the way to get the right car to the exit. That wastes even more time and can get confusing rather quickly. Pay attention to what's going on. If you stay organized and stay on your toes, you should be able to finish every level in this game with time to spare.

Speed plays a pivotal role in Park A Lot 2. You need to be quick with those cars if you don't want to get time penalties. Getting a time penalty in either the que or the entrance is something you want to avoid but sometimes it's inevitable. What is far worse than getting one time penalty is getting a time penalty on the entrance and the que at the same time. You can avoid that. If you have to make customers wait to pick up a car while you deal with cars at the entrance, do it. The same goes for allowing the entrance to get blocked while you clear up the que of customers waiting. Taking a small time penalty on one side is far better than taking a small time penalty on both sides. Use your ability to run and to speed in your car to your advantage. Damage is not a problem in this game so you don't have to worry about being all that careful. The only thing you really have to watch while you're running is your stamina. Keep in mind that until you hit the button to stop, you will continue running until your stamina bar (at the bottom of the screen) is empty.

Instead of running full on until you reach the car, run in quick bursts. While you're driving, just speed along as fast as you can. Remember though, most of the levels in Park A Lot 2 have a very narrow exit. You need to get that car all the way to the exit or the customer won't pick it up. If you're speeding, it is much harder to control your car. If you need to slow down to get yourself in the right position to reach the exit, do it. Just don't waste a lot of time slamming into walls in an attempt to bully your way through. Slamming into walls may not damage the car but it will definitely slow you down. For that reason, caution is important. If you have a hard time keeping your car under control, don't worry about speed. As you build your driving skills, you'll learn better how to control your car and can start adding in the speed then.

Overall, Park A Lot 2 is an engrossing and addictive parking game that offers parking game fans the chance to do something a little out of the ordinary while still putting their parking skills to the test. This is a game that rewards careful organizing and patience but that also requires speed. Finding the balance between all of those things is extremely important if you want to do well in this game. Perhaps the biggest appeal of the game lies in the fact that everyone can play it regardless of their skill and experience level with parking games. Newcomers will appreciate the rather straightforward nature of the game and the fact that it offers a chance to build experience for the more difficult driving games online while experienced players will appreciate the unique approach the game takes to the traditional parking game. It's fairly challenging but not impossible so newcomers won't feel overwhelmed but experienced players won't be bored. This is a truly great parking game any fan of the genre will enjoy.