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Park Master 3 Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

Park Master 3 Walkthrough

Park Master 3 is no easy parking game but that's really what makes it so appealing. Requiring you to move quickly but carefully through a variety settings to park your car in the designated space, this parking game starts off by calling the tasks it's going to put before you nearly impossible. The makers of the game weren't kidding. Between the time limit (shown at the top right) and the fact that you can destroy your car if you take too much damage, this is a pretty tricky little parking game. Experienced players looking for a real challenge should definitely give this one a shot. Newcomers to online parking games are in for a hard time with this one but if they stick with it and have a little patience, this is a great game to develop parking game skills with.

At the beginning of each level in Park Master 3, it's a good idea to check out your time limit and take a little look around to see where you need to go. Check out the obstacles standing in your way and imagine yourself driving around them. How will you need to turn? How fast will you be able to go. Since you only see a portion of the course you'll be driving through, it only takes a second to put a plan for the first part together. You need to avoid hitting obstacles but still be quick so having a plan in place before you even start driving is a great idea that will help ensure you're ready to do what you need to do. If you feel you're too close to an obstacle, correct your position right away. Don't wait to see if you connect. It will not only cause you to take damage to your car but it will also slow you down - two things you just can't do if you want to successfully complete a level. Save yourself a little trouble and think before you drive.

Park Master 3 is the kind of parking game experienced fans of the genre have been waiting for. It doesn't take it easy on the player; really putting those driving and parking skills to the test. In order to do well in this game, you really need to pay attention to what's going on around your car. Sometimes you'll need to drive over a specific spot to open a gate or lower a barrier. Sometimes these spots aren't conspicuously marked so you need to really look. When you're putting together you plan of action, look for any markings on the pavement or any barriers that seem to block you from moving forward. If there is a barrier or a gate, there will be a way to raise or lower it. Be smart and stay on your toes. This parking game is going to give even the most experienced players trouble but as the game itself says, the challenges aren't impossible - just close to it. Have patience and have fun and you should be able to conquer all of the challenges this addictive driving game puts before you.