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Park My Convertible Instructions

Car and parking games have been known and popular for their easy to understand and straightforward control schemes. As long as your keyboard's arrow keys are working, you are good to go: just press the up arrow key to drive forward and accelerate. For slowing down and backing up, just press the down arrow key and hold it down for as long as necessary. The other 2 keys, the left and right arrow buttons, are for steering into either direction. They are used most of the time with the up and down arrow keys. That's about everything you need to know. Now, let's get into the game...

Park My Convertible Walkthrough

A convertible car (or convertible for short) - this is a vehicle whose roof can retract and fold away. Thanks to that, it can easily switch from an enclosed car to an open-air vehicle. You can check out your favorite car dealers, and you would find many of the automobiles of today to be manufactured and marketed in convertible form. And check out the price tag fellas: they are expensive!

And those convertibles, which you will have to fork tens of thousands of dollars to get, are the cars you will park in this parking game: Park My Convertible (I guess that's pretty obvious judging from the game's title). Anyway, the objective of this game is as standard as it could get. Just like other car parking games out there, you need to park that convertible into the marked FREE parking space. In case you can't find it, that's the black box with a blinking center. That's where you need to take your convertible. Do that, move to the next level, rinse and repeat the whole process until you finish the game. That's a pretty straightforward game play if you would ask me.

HOWEVER, getting to the designated parking area is NOT as easy and as straightforward as you think. For one thing, the road is too narrow for comfort. I mean parking lots are supposed to be spacious, giving you A LOT of room for maneuvering to make sure you park your car right. BUT apparently, that is not the case here. To make the task even more challenging, the road itself is a headache to drive on. It's filled with twists, turns, road hazards, etc. I think the road contractor has A LOT of explaining to do to the city engineer. ? Well, it's all good... it's all part of the game. After all, it wouldn't be fun if you could get your way easily, right?

Ten lives - you are given not 1, not 2, not 3... BUT 10 lives for the whole game. It sure sounds A LOT especially when you consider that other car parking games out there give you only 3 at most... some even give you just one. Crash it once and it's game-over... you need to start all over again. HOWEVER, don't get willy-nilly. Trust me, you will NOT finish the game on the merit of having A LOT of lives alone. Ten lives at your disposal could easily 'dry up' if you are not careful. One slight bump or crash takes away a life, and you are taken to the starting point within the level. With the level of challenge and difficulty stepping up significantly level after level, this is NOT a luxury.

Once your lives run out, it's game over. You can go ahead and pass your score... see if it's high and worthy enough to make it to the top scorer's list. HOWEVER, there is one feature in this car parking game that you sure want to take advantage of. After finishing a level, there's a code that allows you to get past it (along with the levels before it). That means even if you fail to finish the game in one session, you can always paste or key in the game's level codes so you can start where you left off. Let me remind you, HOWEVER, that your score will NOT be as high. If you want to have the best of both worlds - score as much as you can and go as far as you can, you got to start from scratch. There's no way around it, and that may not be to everybody's liking.

As for the graphics, it's OK - not spectacular or eye-popping, BUT it's solid enough for car parking games like these. The sound and music, however, is irritating in my opinion. If you do too, you can always switch it off so there's nothing to worry about in that department.

Solid on all aspects - this is Park My Convertible. If you want a parking game you can play when you don't have something to do, one that is challenging enough to keep you busy, one that has level codes so you can start where you left off, I would HIGHLY recommend this one.