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Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai Instructions

Earn your valet license in this parking game by driving as best you can; use the arrow keys to accelerate and steer. You'll only start out with ten lives, though, so make sure not to bump, crash, or run into any obstacles or other vehicles.

Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai Walkthrough

Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai is a polished flash game that gives a fresh a perspective on the parking game genre. It's much better than the first game, and if you're into flash games that take patience (as well as precision), this is the game for you.

Besides avoiding obstacles, you'll also be under a strict time limit. If you don't park before the clock runs out, you'll lose a life - and it makes this game all the more challenging. Like other parking games, the main objective of each mission in Park Your Ride 2 is to park as quickly and as accurately as you can within a designated space. Although it may seem easy at first, the difficulty quickly escalates - and unless you've played a parking game before, you won't be getting your valet license anytime soon.

The graphics and controls in Park Your Ride 2 are great. Compared with other parking games, they're fantastic, and if you need to make a sharp turn, you always can. As the missions go on, you'll have to deal with more obstacles and even moving cars. Compared with the first game, the difficulty has definitely been ramped up - but this sequel is a lot more fun to play as well.

Overall, Park Your Ride 2: Shanghai has everything you'd want in a parking game. The missions are fun but challenging, and you won't get frustrated with the controls - they're as precise as you need them to be. See how far you can get in mission mode, and while you're at it, see how fast you can complete a single mission for even more of a challenge.