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Park Your Ride: Vegas Instructions

Use the arrow keys to park cars in designated areas, but make sure not to crash into anything; you're only given five lives to start out with.

Park Your Ride: Vegas Walkthrough

With a strict time limit, a set amount of cars to park per level, and plenty of opportunities to crash, Park Your Ride: Vegas is no easy game. In fact, unless you're pretty skilled with flash driving games, you probably won't get that far at all. But, if you're a fan of the parking game genre, this game is definitely for you.

Like every other parking game out there, the objective of Park Your Ride is to park a vehicle in a designated spot. Instead of just parking one car, though, you'll have to park more than a few on each and every level - and you'll have a set amount of lives to work with. Though it might not seem hard at first glance, the controls in Park Your Ride are a little too responsive - and it's almost too easy to accelerate.

Once you successfully complete a level, it's on to the next one, and in Park Your Ride: Vegas, they only get harder and harder. It's a good idea to take your time with each level, even though you're driving under a time limit. Driving (and parking) with a fair amount of patience is worth it, and you'll see why soon enough; like we said before, it's way too easy to accelerate in this game.

Overall, Park Your Ride is an enjoyable parking game with nice graphics, clear sound, and tried and true gameplay. Although the controls might need a little tweaking, the game is nonetheless fun to play - and if you're fairly skilled at parking games anyway, you shouldn't have any problems. Just remember to take your time, and you'll do fine; as long as you don't crash into too many cars.