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Parking Kings Instructions

Drive into the designated parking spot using the arrow keys - up to move forward, down to reverse and brake, and left and right to steer. Once you're in the spot, as accurately as you can, hit the spacebar to complete the level and move on to the next one.

Parking Kings Walkthrough

Parking Kings is unlike any other parking game you've ever played before - for a few reasons. Like other parking games, though, you'll drive a car, and have to drive it into a designated parking spot within a set amount of time. There's a bunch of different levels to complete, each harder than the next, and you'll have a huge amount of obstacles in your way - these are some standard elements of the genre.

However, the thing that sets Parking Kings apart from other parking games is something that its creators probably didn't intend; whenever you collide into any other vehicle with your car, you won't damage it or have to restart the level - it'll simply bounce away, and sometimes you can even drive over other cars. It seems as though collision detection in Parking Kings is completely broken, but that doesn't break this game in the least.

It makes it a whole lot more fun - instead of restarting levels all the time; you'll be able to beat any level very easily - and quickly. Not only that, smashing and bumping into other cars without worry about anything is a great stress reliever. So, you can either play the game legitimately, or you can have fun with it - and run over everything in your path.

Parking Kings, despite having broken collision detection, is a fun and challenging parking game. Although it's only challenging if you choose to play it legitimately, it's till just as much fun - and just as difficult. Aim for a highscore by parking accurately and quickly in every level you drive in.