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Parking Lot Instructions

The controls of Parking Lot is very much the same with other driving and parking games: for the most part, you will use your directional keys. Press up to accelerate and more forward. Use the left and right arrow keys for steering those wheels. And if you need to slow down and go on reverse, the down directional key should get the job done. Nothing really out of this world as far as controls go. Let's take a closer look at the game.

Parking Lot Walkthrough

There's something about parking games. If most driving games are race oriented, where reflex and speed are the primary skills you need to win, parking games challenge your skills on the other side of the spectrum - steadiness of your hands and how careful you are. Parking Lot is one of those parking games that challenge these skills.

Now, contrary to popular belief, parking games like Parking Lot are NOT going to teach you how to park. Duh! This is not some 3D and first person simulation game that has realistic elements. I don't know where people got that idea BUT it's so off the mark. HOWEVER, that is NOT to say parking games aren't fun and beneficial.

Anyway, back to the game, in Parking Lot, the premise and objective is very simple: you are given a car. You are at a parking lot, and you need to park that car of yours before time runs out. For some, this is piece of cake. It comes as natural as breathing. BUT for guys like me who are more accustomed to spamming that left click button in first person shooter games, banging on the keyboard when playing RPG games, such games ,where supressing those aggressive and keyboard-destroying instincts is essential, are very challenging.

Now, to make things even more challenging, you cannot hit the wall or other cars! And guess what, just like in real life parking lots, the place you are in is filled with cars (and some of them not parked properly), road hazards, trash bins, and everything else in between. That's especially true in the later stages of the game. Also, depending on how far you are in the game, you will also find buses, trucks, and cars crossing the road. Some levels are also longer tha the others. In this case, you need to follow those arrows to park your car. I really need to remind you? Do NOT hit the pedestrians! That's something you should keep in mind whether you are driving for real or online.

Oh! And one more reminder: you only have 3 lives at your disposal. Once you hit any object in the game or run out of time, a life will be deducted. Use up all of those and it's game over for you. How hard can this game get? Well, very hard if you are like me who plays games that are fast paced on the regular. Heck! It took me 3 tries getting past stage 2 - always struggling to fit that car PROPERLY in the parking space allotted.

How fun can parking games get? Fortunately, the answer is A LOT! Play Parking Lot now and see what I am talking about.