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Parking Lot 2 Instructions

As far as controls go, there's nothing new with Parking Lot 2 compared to its older brother - Parking Lot. Just like in the latter, you need steady hands as well as a good keyboard. You will use your directional keys for the most part: up directional key for acceleration, left and right directional keys for steering, and the down arrow key is for slowing down and going reverse. Nothing new when it comes to controls BUT a closer look at the game will reveal goodies that will make the parking games enthusiast jump for joy!

Parking Lot 2 Walkthrough

YES, it's here. Well, I mean on the internet...the game is now online. And I'm talking about Parking Lot 2. If you loved Parking Lot, you will go will go nuts for the sequel.

Now, before anything else, to those who are new to the genre, here's a little intro. Parking games are different from your average or usual driving games. If on other driving games, the goal is to always (well, maybe almost?) race as fast as you can to the finish line, set the road on fire and beat other racers, etc., in parking games, it's your steadiness and carefulness that's being tested.

As the genre's name suggests, you need to, well...park that car! That's the objective here in Parking Lot 2 (and in other parking games for that matter). You are given a time limit and you need to park that car on the designated spot. This spot is, by the way, highlighted by some glow in the dark design (?). Anyway, it's easy to see.

Parking on its own is NOT much of a challenge. You just need to know the controls to get by. As I have mentioned, use the up directional key for acceleration and forward movement. Toss in the left and right directional keys for steering. And when you got yourself in some sticky situation, use the down directional key to back off a bit.

Well, it won't be fun if that's about it, right? So to make the game challenging and engaging, there are cars, road hazards, etc. scattered all over the parking lot. And you better avoid them like plague if you want to make it far. Make the mistake of crashing that precious car to wall, car, etc. and you lose one life. You only have 3 lives for the entire game so you better be careful and fast at the same time (unless you want to lose on time). Careful and fast don't always mix well together and that's where the challenge is.

Added Goodies: So what does Parking Lot 2 have to offer that makes it stand out from other parking games and Parking Lot? Aside from better looking graphics, you get the Level Editor! YES, in Parking Lot 2, you have the ability to create your own levels, share it with friends, and play the levels created by your buddies too!

A little introduction to the interface of this brand spanking new feature: on the top left corner, you will find the map. The whole place is large enough for you to create an intricate maze that will challenge even the veterans of parking games! On the topmost part, you see that bar? Yeah? Good, those are your tools of the trade. You will find the elements you can add: (1) cars (2) trees (3) shapes (4) objects and (5) non obstacles like road signs and more.

I won't spoil this part much and I'll leave it to you to find out how to create a level and save it. There's a tutorial, by the way, so you don't have to be in the dark.