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Parking Lot 3 Instructions

Parking Lot 3 - as far as controls schemes go, nothing much has changed since Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2. The same directional keys on your keyboard are needed to play the game and enjoy it. Maneuver your car and accelerate with the up directional key. Use the left and right keys for steering while driving forward or backwards. And if you get in a sticky situation, say between 2 cars and the path ahead is narrow, use the down directional key to back off a bit and adjust.

Parking Lot 3 Walkthrough

So you can't get enough parking games? Are you a huge fan of Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2 and you are looking for more? Yeah? If that's the case, you are in for a treat!, the same guys who brought you Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2, is back for more...and they are giving you Parking Lot 3!

Continuing the same standard and tradition set by the first Parking Lot and Parking Lot 2, this game has all of the niceties parking games enthusiasts came to love. The mechanics stay the same, nothing much has changed: you are given a time limit (in this case, 3 minutes and I think that's quite forgiving) and you need to park that car in the designated parking space before the time runs out.

Use your directional keys for driving. Move forward and accelerate with the up directional key. For dealing with those twists and sharp turns, use the left and right arrow keys for steering. And if there are obstacles ahead and you need to change directions or adjust, the down directional key should help you get the job done. It would've been easy and not too exciting if you are going to park in an empty parking space, but thank god you are not.

The parking space is riddled with all sorts of obstacles. First off, you only have to deal with sharp and sometimes narrow turns. As you progress, however, you will find cars parked irresponsibly, road hazards and warning signs, pots and trees, and everything else in between...and all of them are making it hard for you to park in time. The potholes - they are a pain in the butt! These damaged part of the road will start to pester you as soon as stage 2. You better learn how to deal with them if you want to make it far.

The good thing is, while the challenges and obstacles have increased in difficulty, your car is now beefier and more tolerant against damage than ever. Instead of just having 3 lives throughout the game (which doesn't last very long), you now have a life bar for every life. Each time you crash or bump into something, that life bar will suffer. How much? Well, it's NOT cut and dried but it all depends on the severity of the hit. Racing through the road only to crash to a tree will surely swipe out more than half of that life bar.

The minor quibble I have with Parking Lot 3 is that the Level Editor was taken away. This is one of the features that made Parking Lot 2 head and shoulders ahead of other parking games. I can't figure out for the life of me why the developers removed this feature, which made the game interactive - allowing users to create their own mazes and levels as well as share it with other parking games enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, Parking Lot 3 is still a fun game to play. Far from perfect BUT it will do.