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Parking Mad Instructions

To control (and eventually park) your car, use the arrow keys: up to accelerate, down to brake, and left and right to control steering. The objective of each level is to get your car in the designated parking spot without crashing into anything; you'll earn bonus points for completing a level quickly, and if you make it to the spot in one move - without changing directions once - you'll get an extra bonus.

Parking Mad Walkthrough

Parking Mad is exactly what you'd expect from the title - a parking game where you'll have to avoid menial, normal parking obstructions; except it's a lot harder than parking in real-life. Instead of having a steady, easy to drive vehicle, you're given a car that accelerates way too easily, and controls that are way too touchy. But, if you didn't have them, it'd be a boring game.

So, once you've embraced the full-throttle controls given to you, it's time to start playing. You'll start out each level in a parking lot with a highlighted parking spot to get to. In the first level, it's straight across from you, so it's no problem - but once you have to start turning and parallel parking, the game becomes increasingly difficult.

Trying to drive slowly is probably the best strategy to use when playing this particular parking game. Unlike others, you're not given very many lives to play with, so crashing will almost always result in a game over; so don't make a cursory glance at passing each level - you'll have to concentrate while driving in Parking Mad.

If you can handle the ill-fitted controls, the ridiculous obstructions, and the array of levels you'll have to drive through, Parking Mad is an enjoyable parking game...unless you're already frustrated from playing it. Since you do have to start over from the beginning of the game if you get a game over, it's best to not to crash whenever possible - so drive slowly.