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Parking Master Instructions

Use the arrow keys to drive a wide variety of vehicles in this parking game - depending on which level you're on, you'll have to park a set amount of cars in the same lot. Parking spots will range from parallel parking to spots in between other vehicles - and the cars you'll be driving accelerate quickly. If you hit any other car, obstacle, or edge, you'll have to restart the level you're on, but you do have a limited amount of lives, so be careful.

Parking Master Walkthrough

Parking Master is a challenging parking game that's probably different than others you may have played. Instead of just parking one car, in one spot, per level, you'll be parking up to four or five vehicles in each level. On top of that, you won't be able to retry as many times as you want - you're given a set amount of lives, or 'cars', at the beginning of the game.

The first level in Parking Master will have you parking four cars in succession. Once they're parked, they'll stay in their respective spots, and it's on to the next car. One thing you'll definitely have to look out for, though, is how fast some cars can accelerate. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you have, as long as you hold the up arrow key you'll go flying in a split second.

The first level will also consist of a few different types of parking spots. Unlike other parking games, you'll have to parallel park, park in between vehicles, and park in empty lots - which is probably the easiest type in Parking Masters.

With a huge amount of levels, Parking Masters is a great parking game that's engaging, fun, and rightfully difficult. The controls are great besides how fast you can accelerate, making this a great parking game to test your skills with - if you think you're a parking master.