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Parking Packers Instructions

Click and hold the left mouse button to select character or cars and drag them into place using the mouse.

Parking Packers Walkthrough

From the fine folks at Disney, Parking Packers is one of the most adorable and surprisingly difficult parking games online. Instead of using the traditional arrow keys to move the cars you'll be driving around you're going to be using the mouse. That one little difference sets this game apart from the competition, offering something out of the ordinary without straying from the basic premise that people who love parking games enjoy. The basic premise of the game is pretty easy to understand. You are Max and you run a garage. All sorts of your favorite Disney characters drop by to get service. You need to get their cars parked, take the key to the office and return the car to the customer when they arrive to pick it up. Pretty simple. Actually accomplishing that goal, however, can be quite difficult.

When your client brings you their car in Parking Packers, they are shown at the top left of the screen. You need to get Max to the car, park the car and drop the key off at the office. Each car needs to be parked in a spot that corresponds with the color of the car. Red cars go in red spots. Blue cars go in blue spots and so on. When the car is parked correctly, Max will get out. Drag him to the office and hang the key on the correct peg on the board. With the key on the board, you can then pick up the next client's car. Pretty easy stuff until you add in clients returning for their cars. When a client's car is ready, it will start blinking and the client will appear on the top right of the screen. You need to get the key from the office, get the car and drive it to the exit on the right side of the screen. Pretty simple stuff but actually progressing to the next level in the game can actually be pretty challenging.

You have a goal in each level of Parking Packers. If you fail to reach your goal before you run out of time, you won't progress to the next level. The time limit and the goal for customers served is really what makes this game so difficult. You need to be quick and organized if you want to move on in the game. You also need to have the basic skills you need to do well in the average parking game. While you're not using your arrow keys for control like you would in most of the other parking games online, you still need to be accurate and you need to pay attention to where you're going. You need to get your car in the parking spot properly on the first try to save time. That time limit is always ticking down. Wasting time with bad parking will get you nowhere in this game.

All of the information you need to do well in Parking Packers is right on the game screen. At the top left you'll see your time limit. Always be aware of how much time you have left to reach your goal. If you run out of time before you have all of your customers served, your game will be over. At the bottom right, you'll see your score but you'll also see a section called 'cars'. The first number tells you how many cars you've already processed. A car will only be counted once it has been collected, parked, serviced and delivered to the client at the end of the process. In other words, parked cars don't count. Delivered cars that have exited the garage do. The second number tells you how many cars you need to process to get to the next level. Once you reach that number, your level ends and you'll move on. Your score at the end of the game depends on how many cars you've processed. Complete more levels and you'll get a higher score.

The key to doing well in Parking Packers is finding the balance between speed and precision. Speed is extremely important in this game but so is accuracy. There is no time to waste in this game. You need to pick up cars quickly and you need to park them in the spot correctly on the first try. It's pretty easy to get the car in the spot but if your car isn't parked properly (or at least close to it), Max will not hop out of the car and you'll need to correct your position, costing you valuable time in the process. Things get even worse if you need several attempts to park your car. You also need to be careful when you're taking the car to the exit. If you miss the pick up spot you'll have to try to correct your position again once again wasting that always precious time. Some players find it easier to park all of the cars first and then start delivering cars to customers. This technique allows you to focus on one task at a time instead of trying to focus on parking, taking the key to the office, picking up another key and delivering a different car to the waiting customer. Do what you find easiest. I would recommend trying to park all of the cars first but it's really up to you to decide what works best for you.

Overall, Parking Packers is a surprisingly difficult parking game that will challenge you to focus on the task at hand while being quick and accurate. Watch your time limit, watch how many cars you have to park and watch your progress. You should be able to get a fairly good score in this game if you're willing to practice and work out of technique that works well for you. This is a great parking game for kids because it features all of their favorite Disney characters. You can use the game to help younger kids learn about colors in an entertaining way which will make the learning process much easier. With younger kids though, don't focus too much on the goals of the level or moving on to the next level. Instead, just let them enjoy the game on its own. If you enjoy parking games but are looking for something a little unusual, Parking Packers might just be exactly what you're looking for.