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Parking Perfection Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn the tires left using the left arrow key. Turn the tires right using the right arrow key. Brake using 'space'.

Parking Perfection Walkthrough

If you're looking for a solid challenge to put your parking skills to the test, Parking Perfection is the parking game for you. The basic premise of the game could no be more simplistic. All you need to do is get your car where it needs to go following the rules outlined on the screen before you begin the challenge. You must complete each level in the time allowed but you must complete the level without hitting any other cars or obstacles. If you touch another car or hit an obstacle, your game is over and you'll have to start over from the beginning. Don't let the simplicity of this game fool you. It's surprisingly difficult.

The challenges in Parking Perfection are pretty easy to understand as long as you read the description of the challenge carefully. If you miss one small piece of information, you could very easily fail the challenge. For example, the very first challenge you're faced with is a simple parking challenge. You need to park your car in the space that has been highlighted by driving forward. You can reverse to get your car in the proper position, but the front of the car needs to enter the space first. If you reverse into the space, you'll fail the challenge. The second challenge, however, is to reserve into the spot. You need to back in or you'll fail the challenge. This honestly trips people up sometimes. You need to obey the rules of the challenge exactly if you want to progress to the next level.

Parking Perfection is all about being quick but being careful. One of the biggest benefits you have in this game is the ability to see where your tires are. Use the tires to help guide you. They'll tell you which direction the car will turn when you drive forward or drive in reverse. You need this information if you want your car to go where you need it to go. The angle of the tires is also extremely important. The angle of the tires determines the arc of your turn. If you want a sharper turn you need a sharper angle on your tires. If you start turning and realize you're not getting the angle you want, you have two options, reverse or stop and correct the angle. Which one you choose will depend on the situation. If you're about to hit another car, you need to hit the brakes right away but what you do after that depends on how close to the other car you are. Sometimes throwing it in reverse is the only way to avoid hitting another car. Just remember that there is also a time limit you have to think about. If it's possible, just try to correct the position of your tires and continue on.

Overall, Parking Perfection is the kind of parking game fans of the genre are going to go absolutely crazy for. It's challenging but straightforward. It's entertaining but not completely bogged down with all sorts of needless extras that make some of the other parking games online a bit too complicated. The focus of this game is on skill, caution, speed and most importantly, parking. This game is what parking games are all about. It's difficult but not impossible. Newcomers to online parking games are going to appreciate the straightforward nature of the game but will also be able to use this one to build the skills they need to do well in some of the more complicated parking games out there. Experienced players are going to appreciate the challenge of the game but will also appreciate its simple approach. This is an excellent parking game any fan of the genre, regardless of skill or experience level, will be able to enjoy.