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Parking Perfection 2 Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn the tires left using the left arrow key. Turn the tires right using the down arrow key. Brake using 'space'.

Parking Perfection 2 Walkthrough

The sequel to the simple yet difficult Parking Perfection, Parking Perfection 2 is really quite similar to its predecessor but more focus seems to have gone into making the challenges even more difficult. From the very first level, it's clear that you're not just going to be asked to complete basic parking maneuvers and that really adds a whole new level of complexity to the game. Experienced parking game fans looking for a real challenge are going to absolutely love this game. Newcomers to the genre are likely going to find this one a bit on the difficult side but that's a big part of the game's appeal. You can build the skills you need to do well in more complex games while still enjoying a very entertaining parking game.

Your goal in Parking Perfection 2 changes from level to level. It is extremely important to read the description of your goal before you start playing so you understand what you need to do. If you need to back into a space, you won't pass the level unless the back of your car enters the space first. Little details are easily missed if you don't take time to really read and understand the description. In addition, you always need to be aware of your time limit. That also changes depending on the challenge. Your time is shown at the top left of the game screen. If you run out of time, you'll fail the level.

Because there is a strict time limit in each level in Parking Perfection 2, you need to be fast. It's important to remember you also need to be careful. If you don't execute the parking maneuver as the description instructs you to, you'll fail. If you hit a car or an obstacle, you'll fail. This is called parking game is all about perfectly executing the maneuvers you're asked to execute. If you start turning in the wrong direction, you need to take steps to correct your error immediately. You don't want to waste time doing something that isn't going to help you achieve your goal.

The best way to do well in Parking Perfection 2 is actually pretty simple. Plan. Figure out what you need to do to get your car safely into the spot before you even start to drive. Most of the challenges aren't nearly as difficult as they seem. Forming a plan and sticking to it will help you focus and help you plot out a good course of action. It's not always easy to stick to a plan but when you find yourself veering off course, stop and correct yourself. Pay attention to what position your tires are in. Most of the other driving games online don't allow you this measure of control so make sure you take advantage of it. The angle of your tires determines whether or not your car will turn and will determine the arc of your turn. Don't underestimate how important that is.

Overall, Parking Perfection 2 is the kind of parking game experienced fans of the genre and newcomers alike are going to love. It's entertaining and addictive yet extremely straightforward. There are no bells and whistles with this game. It's just a straight ahead parking game with all of the focus on the parking. You need to pay attention and find the balance between speed and caution if you hope to do well but, although it can be frustrating, this is a game that rewards patience and experience. The more you play the more you will improve. Stick with it. Anyone can beat this game as long as they're willing to give it time and practice. That shouldn't be too hard with this one though. This is definitely one of the most addictive parking games online. Enjoy!