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Parking Shuffle Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to move cars and limos - the goal of each level consists of using the least amount of moves possible and getting the blue car out of the parking lot. With up to 20 levels to play through, try and beat your best scores in this puzzling parking game.

Parking Shuffle Walkthrough

Parking Shuffle is as much of a puzzle game is it is a parking game - you'll have to move a huge amount of cars, but you won't have to drive them - just drag and scroll them. The premise of each level you'll come across is simple: try and make a path for the blue car to follow in the least amount of moves possible. There's a line of arrows to follow (it's the same in each level), and it's the only way out of the parking lot; so it's all about making the other cars fit.

At first, Parking Shuffle isn't that much of a challenge. If you've ever played any type of flash game that involves puzzles, you'll be able to pick this game up quickly and easily. But, as the levels move on, not only will you have a huge amount of moves to make, but you'll probably get stuck along the way - and not know what to do.

The best thing to do, in games like Parking Shuffle, is take your time. Instead of making loads of repetitive moves, which will cost you points in the long run, think logically and rationally - since, incidentally, most levels in this parking game can be solved with careful thinking.

Overall, Parking Shuffle is a fun puzzle game, especially if you're bored. And, although it doesn't have any driving in it, the car-motif is a nice touch to an otherwise menial puzzle concept. The later levels you'll come across are especially difficult, so, if you're not having any fun with them, go ahead and try to beat your highest scores on earlier levels.