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Parking Space Instructions

Drive and park your car with the arrow keys - but be sure not to overcompensate with turning, since the wheel will stay turned once you're in motion. Try to even out the steering wheel whenever possible, park as accurately as possible, and finish each level as fast as possible in this challenging parking game.

Parking Space Walkthrough

Parking Space is, as you guessed, a parking game where you'll have to aim for speed and accuracy. Although you're not graded on accuracy at the end of a level, you'll have to park almost perfectly to complete any level - so you won't get anywhere by being sloppy. And, as far as timing goes, you'll have 3 minutes to complete each level, so don't waste any time. You'll start out the game with 5 lives, also, and when you run out, it's a game over.

The levels you'll play through in Parking Space are difficult, to say the least. Each level will have a unique challenge that you won't find in any other, so you'll have to adapt your strategies accordingly. But the thing that stands out most in Parking Space is the fact that it doesn't leave anything out in the controls.

Instead of driving a racing car, it'll seem like you're driving a real-life vehicle. When you turn right, the steering wheel will stay turned right (as indicated by the position of the cars' wheels), so you'll have to even out the car yourself - this parking game won't do you any favors.

As the levels go on, you'll get more acquainted with the controls - but the obstacles and pathways will become harder to drive through. Where most other parking games would give you a break, Parking Space doesn't, and that's why it's a better choice than most other flash parking games. If you're looking for a challenge you've found it in this realistic driving game - just make sure you don't run out of lives, or you'll have to start all over from the beginning.