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Drive and park your car with the arrow keys in this sequel, but be sure not to overcompensate when it comes to steering - less is more. You'll have a limited amount of lives to play with, so make every single one count. With accurate, true-to-life controls try and complete all fifteen levels as fast as you can in this difficult parking game.

Parking Space 2 Walkthrough

Instead of a blue car, you'll be driving around in a nicer, silver car in this sequel to Parking Space. And, instead of trying to park in menial, everyday parking spots, the difficult really ramps up towards the end of Parking Space 2. Where the first game may have had its weak spots, Parking Space 2 is tweaked, fixed, and a lot more fun.

You'll start out on level 1 - out of fifteen unlockable levels. Once you've completed a level, it's unlocked for good, and you'll be able to select it from the main menu if you want to skip ahead. The first level is easy enough - you'll only have to fit into a simple parking space - but as the levels go on, you'll find yourself making maneuvers that you normally wouldn't have to deal with, even in real-life.

With that being said, you'll have to take each level on individually, patience being a first and foremost strategy. Like many other parking games, you don't have to fit into the parking spot exactly, but every little bit of accuracy helps. Compared to the first game, you'll find the levels in Parking Space 2 much more dynamic, but more difficult as well.

Overall, Parking Space 2 is a fun parking game to pass the time with - the level select feature is great - you won't have to deal with previous, frustrating levels after you've completed them. The controls work with you, instead of against you, like in other parking games, too. See if you can find the perfect parking spot in all fifteen levels in this flash game.