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Parking Warrior Instructions

If you have played car, racing, or parking games before, getting started with Parking Warrior and playing it should be a painless... or better yet, breezy process. Just like most parking games out there, this one is played entirely with your keyboard... the arrow / cursor keys in particular: (1) Press the up arrow key to drive forward. (2) Pressing the down arrow key, on the other hand, would drive your car backwards. (3) The left and right cursor keys are for turning into either direction. That's about everything you need to know as far as controls go. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, now let's have a closer look at the game.

Parking Warrior Walkthrough

Parking Warrior - I find the name of this parking game kind of weird. The first thing that came to my mind was a parking sign saying: "Parking Space For Spartans (or perhaps Trojans, Argonauts, Romans, etc.) ONLY. Anybody Else Will Get Spanked!"... and maybe there would be an image of a battle-scarred warrior tossed in the middle of the sign for good measure. As it turns out, Parking Warrior doesn't have anything to do with Spartans, Argonauts, Romans, or any other warrior your imaginative mind could come up with. BUT if you are looking parking games that step up the challenge level after level, then you sure want to check this out!

Just like the game's control scheme, the objective of Parking Warrior is as straightforward as it could get: there's a car you are driving, then there's a parking space / spot on the other side of the road. Get the car from Point A (starting position) to Point B (designated parking space), rinse and repeat the process (you will need to park multiple cars you see), and you finish the level. For every car you park, you will rack up points. Sounds easy? In paper or in theory, this is a piece of cake, but that's not until you play the game!

If you have been used to parking games where you either: (1) have to inch and find the correct parking space in a very dark lot using only your sub-par headlights, or (2) unrealistically crowded parking space (filled with badly parked cars, road hazards, etc.) that looks more like a labyrinth and junkyard, then you are in for a change with Parking Warrior. Instead of the 2 common challenges of parking games mentioned above, you need to park your car while passing through moving traffic... YES, you need to carefully squeeze yourself through fast moving cars in the highway and make it to the other side without getting unscathed. Mind you, that doesn't make this game any easier than the other parking games. If anything, it gives you more realistic obstacles. While it may not teach you how to park your car efficiently in real-life driving situations, being a little more in touch with reality is always a nice thing.

To make it even more challenging, there are 'villains' in Parking Warrior that you need to steer clear from. I know the concept of villains is somewhat bizarre for a game like this, BUT the way the developers integrated it is nice. While you need to avoid collision with any vehicle in the game, there are 2 that you need to stay away from with a ten-foot pole: (1) Meter Maids - These are cars with blinking lights on top of them. If they catch you or if you collide with them, they will take away tons of points you have worked on so hard earlier. (2) Tow Trucks - These trucks are very easy to spot. Well, they look like tow trucks that's why! Anyway, these trucks will punish you harder than the Meter Maids. Not only will they take away some of your points, they will also take away one of your life.

Oh! Before I forgot, you only have 3 lives in the game. That's not a lot believe me... especially when you are at the later stages of the game where the highway you need to pass through has 3 or more lanes, the FAST cars are coming from both directions, and many of them would move like they are driven by a guy who just 'downed' 10 bottles of vodka.

As for the aesthetics, I would say Parking Warrior is head and shoulders ahead of other parking games in the visual appeal department. The way the cars, trucks, and everything else is designed is lighthearted... sort of Lego-like and blocky in my opinion. The only thing I don't like about it is the sound track. It can get really redundant when you have played the game for 30 minutes or so.

Summing things up, this is a nice parking game that fans of the genre will surely love. It's a good test of your reflexes and presence of mind. Try it out, you will like it.