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ParkIt Instructions

Maneuver your car with the arrow keys: the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to back up and drive in reverse, and the left and right arrow keys to steer in either direction. Hitting any other car, no matter how small the amount of damage is, will add time to your total score - be sure to aim for the lowest time possible.

ParkIt Walkthrough

ParkIt is a very simple parking game; the object is to parallel park in the shortest amount of time possible. That's all you have to do - there's only one level in the game, and once you've successfully parallel parked, you'll get your score - and that's it. But that doesn't make ParkIt a boring parking game in the least; not only can you play again to try for your best time, but you can keep playing and see if you'll ever get a perfect game.

You'll start out the only level of ParkIt at the bottom of the screen. To your immediate right will be two parked cars and an empty parking space - where you'll be parallel parking. Hopefully, you'll know what to do next, but if you have no idea, here's a hint: park your car between the two immediately next to your car.

The best method of parallel parking is simple, and if you don't know it already - or don't parallel park in real-life that often - here it is: line your car up with the car in front of your parking spot, crank your steering wheel to the right as much as possible, back the car up and gradually even out. Once you're in the spot, even out as much as you need to, and you're done.

All in all, ParkIt, while being a very simple game, is loads of fun to play. If you're not able to parallel park at all, there's always the option of smashing the cars next to you to bits; it's always a good stress reliever. And, if you really can't beat ParkIt, don't worry - parallel parking in real-life is a whole lot easier.