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Record Speed Parking Instructions

The controls of parking games online are almost identical with each other... and Record Speed Parking is NO exception. Just like most online parking games out there, you need to use your keyboard's arrow keys for basic movement: (1) Press up to move forward and hold on to it to accelerate. (2) To steer left or right, just press and hold down either of the left and right arrow keys... whichever direction you want to go. (3) To go reverse, press the down arrow key and hold on to it if needed. Oh, one last reminder before we get a closer look at the game: there are no breaks!

Record Speed Parking Walkthrough

Parking games - they are one of the most straightforward and easy to understand genres out there. As the genre's name suggests, all you have to do is get that car, truck, boat (or whatever vehicle for that matter) parked in the correct area. That's it! Nothing fancy... nothing complicated. Just pure car parking fun. And if you are looking for parking games that don't beat around the bush and allows you to get down to business right away, Record Speed Parking is a game you should check out.

In this game, you are tasked to park cars... BUT you are also contending for the record of being the fastest car parker in the face of the planet. YES, time is of the essence in this game. If you are used to parking games where you can take your time as you inch your way through the road filled with junk, badly parked vehicles, debris, and other obstacles, this game will provide you a nice change of pace. Nah, there are huge obstacles around... BUT you need to get the job done fast. By the way, you are only given 60 seconds or 1 minute to park your car. HOWEVER, while speed and time is of utmost importance, carefulness is just as essential in this game. You are only given 3 lives for this game. Each time you strike or bump into something, one life goes down the drain. And if your life dwindles down to zero, sorry folks: GAME OVER!

To make the game even more challenging, you are not just going to park a car... there are a couple of cars - 10 to be exact, that needs to be serviced. Finding the correct parking space should be easy as it's indicated by a blinking violet light. HOWEVER, finding which car you are controlling isn't. You need to press any of the basic movement buttons first, check which car moves, and to tell which car you need to park.

If you have been accustomed to parking games like 18 Wheeler Challenge (it's a 3 part series you parking games fans have to check out) and Easy Cruiser where you need to dock a cruise liner, this game can be pretty challenging and surprising. You see, in the games I have mentioned, you almost always need to hold on to the arrow and movement keys for an extended time... for more than a couple of seconds before your vehicle responds. It makes sense. After all, you are driving an 18 wheeler truck and a ship! HOWEVER, if you are going to do that here, you are almost always going to hit the edges of the map or that small island in the middle of the screen. YES, folks, the cars you drive here accelerate REALLY fast and, remember, there are no breaks! That makes the need to be cautious twice as important.

Comes with an OK graphics and design, very straightforward, simple enough for a twelve year old to play - this is Record Speed Parking. Will you break the record and be the fastest car parker in the face of the planet? Or will you crash and shatter your dreams of being the fastest? There's only one way to find out - PLAY THE GAME NOW!