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South Beach Parking Instructions

If you have played car, driving, or parking games before, playing South Beach Parking should be a piece of cake. To get things rolling in the right direction, you just need to have a good and working keyboard and, of course, good reflexes and control: (1) To drive forward and accelerate, you just need to press the up arrow key and hold it down. (2) Pressing the down arrow key, on the contrary, would hit the brakes. Holding it down will back your car up. (3) The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, will steer your car in either direction. These keys are pressed or used in combination with either the up or down arrow keys. That's about everything you need to know about the controls of this game.

South Beach Parking Walkthrough

What do you think of working as a valet near the South Beach? That would be cool, wouldn't it? You get to handle different cars as you watch all of those giddy ladies get wet with sea water. The view of beautiful sunrise and sunset; the upbeat parties at night; all of these and more make your job as a valet parker REALLY enjoyable.

OK, stop! Snapping back to reality, that's not how things work at South Beach Parking. In this flash game, there are no great sights to see. Nah, there are no beautiful women with ideal curves. You don't get a view of the sunrise and sunset. There are no upbeat parties that would get your head bobbing to the music. None, naddah, nil - nothing of those niceties whatsoever. And this is made even worse by your boss, a punk who wears a bonnet with a skull on the forehead.

Apparently, your buddy who is supposed to take turns and help with the parking job met a disaster... he was attacked by a shark (perhaps that should teach him a lesson not to take a swim during working hours). In any case, it's just you and you alone who will park those cars.

"And remember, the slightest scratch and you are FIRED!" If there's one thing I like about your 'punk' boss that would be his straightforwardness. No, sugar-coating. The slightest scratch and you are fired... it's game-over for you brother and you need to start the game all over again. There are no life bars, there are no second chances. For experienced car and parking games enthusiasts, this may sound like a challenging game that will test their reflexes, online driving skills, and how good they are at handling. HOWEVER, for someone who's new to online parking games, for fellas who are not too good when it comes to driving and inching their way to tight small spaces and keeping their vehicle scratch free, this could be a VERY frustrating game.

Anyway, when you get the game started, you will be taken to the parking lot right away. It's empty, BUT judging from the number of parking spaces that you need to fill, it's going to be a long day ahead. If you are thinking of parking the initial barrage of cars to the nearest parking spaces available, I'm sorry to burst your bubble BUT that doesn't quite work. You will see a blinking sign saying "Park Here" and that's where you need to park the current car. Apparently, your boss is also a control freak who loves to tell you what EXACTLY to do as if you are a zombie drone. So back to where we are, you need to park the car where the game tells you to. And before you can even get that done, you will see another car at the parking lot's entrance, and it does a good job of adding psychological pressure. To make things even more challenging (or perhaps frustrating for some), your boss times you for the parking job. YES, there's a time limit in this game. You need to get a car parked within 60 seconds. If the time runs out, you can kiss your job goodbye.

As for the design, the characters have a South Park-look to them (I'm referring to the popular cartoon series which has its own game in case you are wondering). The cars, parking space, and everything else - they don't look spectacular... BUT they are OK for a parking game. After all, it doesn't make sense for a simple and straightforward parking game to have a Final Fantasy-style graphics and design. As for the sound track, I won't sugar-coat it - I hate it. It's redundant, and to make matters worse, there's no 'Sound Off' button. I can't seem to find any, if you do know where it is, please tell me. That would make the world a MUCH better place to live in.

Not spectacular BUT more than OK in the graphics and design department, simple and straightforward game play, and can be very challenging for some parking games enthusiasts - if that sounds like a good game to you, then you will LOVE South Beach Parking.