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Super Parking World 2 Instructions

Use the arrow keys to steer, brake, and accelerate your vehicle - the goal of each level is parking in the designated area. Unlike the first game, you'll have a life bar, so you can take some damage, but not that much. Once you've gotten in the parking spot, hit the spacebar to complete the level and move on - but make sure you park before the timer runs out.

Super Parking World 2 Walkthrough

Super Parking World 2 includes all of the features the first game had, but manages to add enough new features and levels, making it a great sequel. If you've ever played a flash parking game before, you'll know that it doesn't consist of that many different elements - but Super Parking World 2 is fresh, with new features that you probably haven't seen in any other parking game.

And, while most other parking games have an easy introductory level, Super Parking World 2 doesn't hold any punches. Right from the get go, you'll see how difficult this game can be - most of the obstacles blocking your way will consist of other vehicles, traffic signs, and curbs - and they're everywhere. As a nice added feature, you'll see the damage your car takes as your life bar depletes; a cracked windshield and fender damage being the most prevalent.

As the levels go on you'll definitely need more time to deal with the obstructions of obstacles in your way, but the in game timer makes this a lot more difficult than you'd think. Although a lot of other parking games will let you take your time, your total score in Super Parking World 2 is a combination between your parking accuracy and time remaining on the clock - so driving and parking fast is important - even if it's not easy.

Overall, Super Parking World 2 is a great sequel and a fun parking game, although it's pretty difficult. If you're good at parking games, though, it shouldn't be that hard - but if you're new to them, it'll take you a while to get through this one. With great graphics and nice features, this is one of the better parking games out there and definitely worth playing.