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Trailer Parking Deluxe Instructions

Maneuver your vehicle and attached trailer with the arrow keys: up to accelerate, down to brake and reverse, and left and right to steer. Hit the spacebar once and only when you're in the designated parking spot. Since turning in one direction will usually make your trailer move in the opposite direction, gradually get a hang on the controls as you complete levels in this parking game.

Trailer Parking Deluxe Walkthrough

As if regular parking games weren't hard enough, Trailer Parking Deluxe moves the difficulty up a notch by attaching a trailer to the back of your vehicle. With it, you'll find not only parking more difficult, but turning as well. With 8 levels to complete, Trailer Parking Deluxe will grade you on parking accuracy and how much time it takes to complete a level - that is, if you don't happen to crash into anything.

The difficulty of Trailer Parking Deluxe may not be that apparent at first, but it's prevalent as soon as level 2. There, if you're not a good truck/trailer driver, you won't even be able to make it past the first turn - you can even get stuck - and since you're being timed in each level, it's easy to lose.

You won't have to worry about running into obstacles and damaging other vehicles as you would in other parking games - in this aspect, Trailer Parking Deluxe seems to be pretty lenient - but you shouldn't waste time messing around; it's hard enough maneuvering the trailer in the first place.

Overall, Trailer Parking Deluxe isn't your average parking game - it has great dynamics, difficulty, and even replayability. If you play the game long enough, you'll be able to make it through the first levels quite quickly; and that's a good thing considering a game over will make you start all over from the beginning of the game.