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Truck parking Instructions

Make your way through parking challenges with a semi-truck; use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and turn left and right. The goal of each level is to park your truck into the designated parking space. Once you've completed a level, hit the spacebar to move on to the next. If you happen to run into any people, curbs, or vehicles with your truck, you'll have to restart the level. Some levels will contain roads with active traffic - these cars will move independently and will not stop for you, so precise timing is everything.

Truck parking Walkthrough

Although it may seem a lot easier than you think, Truck Parking is a parking game that's much more difficult than the rest. Instead of trying to park a car, that can actually move fast, in this game you'll be driving a semi-truck - and not only will you have to accommodate for the slow speed, but you'll have a much harder time trying to maneuver a larger vehicle.

With the same controls as any other parking game, the truck you'll be driving is easy to start out with but difficult to master. Since, when you turn, the back end of your truck doesn't always do what you want, levels can take much longer to complete. If you're a seasoned veteran when it comes to parking games, though, or if you're a great driver in real-life, then it shouldn't be too much of a challenge - at first.

As the levels in Truck Parking go on, you'll not only encounter more pedestrians and longer driving paths, but you'll encounter more curbs and traffic. Not only will you have to worry about precision parking, but you'll have to take into account the steady flow of traffic that you'll somehow have to sneak in between. With a wide range of levels, fresh graphics, and steady controls, Truck Parking is one parking game that stands out among the rest - and that's because of the difficulty. If you think you're up to the challenge, then give it your best shot.