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Vintage Carbon Instructions

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Turn the lights back on by clicking with the left mouse button. Hit the handbrake using 'space'.

Vintage Carbon Walkthrough

Vintage Carbon is the kind of parking game fans of the genre are going to absolutely love. It takes the basic premise behind most of the parking games online and build on it, creating an engrossing, addictive and unique parking game that will really put your parking skills to the test. The real appeal of this game is that it doesn't just rely on a good story and nice graphics to keep the player entertained. The challenges in this game are actually fairly difficult to complete making it ideal for the experienced player looking for something a little different yet not completely outside the parking game genre. Newcomers who have yet to develop solid parking game skills are going to have trouble with this one but if they stick with it, those skills will improve helping them do well in not just this game but many of the other parking games online.

You have three different garages to choose from in Vintage Carbon but the basic story is the game in all three. You are a car thief and you're working on building your own vintage car collection. To do that, you break into the garages and steal cars. Your goal is to get the car out of the garage successfully. To do that, you'll need to avoid raising any alarms. That can be pretty difficult. All of the cars have alarms. If the car takes even the slightest bit of damage, the alarm will sound and trigger the garage's security system. It's pretty simple - damage the car and you'll end up in handcuffs. Naturally that is not the outcome you're looking for. To avoid taking damage to your car, you'll have to drive carefully. There are obstacles all over the place you need to evade. Be cautious but be quick. It's not just damage you need to worry about.

The time limit in Vintage Carbon is an added level of pressure but in all honesty, if you have decent driving skills, you should easily have enough time on the clock to get the car to the exit in all of the levels. If you're still new to parking games, you might need a few tries to get some of them but you will be able to do it. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten. If just takes patience. Pay attention to your driving first. Watch for obstacles and slow down if you need to. Take your time to get the angle of your turns right. Take the time to formulate a plan that will get you from start to finish. Just don't waste too much time trying to tip toe around obstacles. You really don't have a lot of time to waste. Even so, careful maneuvering is more important that fast driving, in this parking game at least.

As if the time limit and the super sensitive alarms aren't enough challenge, Vintage Carbon also turns the lights out on you if you take too long. Watch for that. Most importantly, when the lights go out, stop moving. It might seem like a waste of time, and I suppose it is in the grand scheme of things, but this is not a game you can do well in if you can't see where you're going. You can turn the lights back on by clicking the battery icon (at the bottom of the game screen) repeatedly. Take the time to do this. You won't get anywhere if you try to drive in the dark. It's only a short delay and one you can often avoid facing if you move quickly enough.

Overall, Vintage Carbon is a parking game with a twist. The story is fun and the premise is just far enough off the beaten path that this parking game feels fresh and new. If you want to do well in this game you need to be careful first and quick second. Speed is obviously important any time there is a time limit on a game and you don't want to waste a lot of time but it's so incredibly easy to bump a wall or catch the front or rear of another car that you really need to focus on the dangers around your car before you focus on anything else. Taking a little extra time for caution will give you a much better chance of getting through the game. There may be times you have to back up, turn, inch forward, back up, turn and inch forward to get through a tight turn or to get around a problematic obstacle. Take the time to do it right. It might hurt your time in the end but at least you will make it to the end without ending up in handcuffs. If you're a fan of parking games, this is one you absolutely must play.