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Yellow Cab - Taxi parking Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control the Yellow Cab in this parking game - but make sure you don't accelerate too quickly, crash into anything, or pop any curbs. With a wide array of levels, Yellow Cab - Taxi Parking is a fun parking game for those seeking a challenge.

Yellow Cab - Taxi parking Walkthrough

Like any other parking game, Yellow Cab - Taxi Parking is challenging, to say the least. In it, you'll play through a variety of levels where avoiding obstacles and other cars is not only difficult but almost impossible - unless you happen to be a good drive. Crashing into anything, at all, will cause a level to immediately restart. In the top-left corner of the game screen, there will be a progress bar showing how much percentage of the level you've completed (or how close to the goal you are).

The Yellow Cab you'll be driving doesn't have the best controls, though. Instead of slow, steady controls, you'll be driving a car that goes way too fast for precise parking - so, if you're reduced to tapping the arrow keys to get into a parking spot, don't feel bad. For laughs, hold down the up arrow key and see how close you can get to goal of any level - it's virtually impossible.

With online leader boards for the best-timed drivers out there, Yellow Cab - Taxi Parking is a fun parking game for anyone out there. Since you'll have to complete a level to unlock the next, you might not even make it to the fourth or fifth levels - but you'll have fun playing along the way, and if you drive slowly, there's no reason why you can't beat the game.

Overall, Yellow Cab - Taxi Parking has better graphics than your average parking game, good controls, and challenging levels. If you're trying to better your driving skills, this would be the parking game to do it with - just make sure you don't drive in real-life like how you would in Yellow Cab - Taxi Parking.